F: GD CH Twili Prince of Penzance
M: GD CH Babushkablue Lady Diana
DoB: 08-09-2016
Breeders: Lynda DuVallier & Michael Auld

For more information about the reason why Babushkablue Batman has joined cattery Mithrim, please read the Patella Luxation page.

My aim is to first and foremost breed healthy cats, whilst striving to stay or get as close to the SOP of the GCCF as possible. That also means that I aim to couple my girls to studs that are not related, but still have an English pedigree. In 2017 I have taken a sidestep with Beruthiel, and mated her to an European bred stud. This resulted in a healthy and fun litter, but not entirely to my liking (being a very critical breeder). There are tragically few English bred studs available that are at public stud and that are compatible with my queens. So that's the reason why I started looking for my own, to my queens unrelated, stud. That's why I had to decline an offering of a Russian Blue stud. He had the same common ancestor as my queens have.

And so I started looking for a breeder in Australia. I already had contact with Lynda DuVallier of the Babushkablue cattery, especially because of her beautiful Russian Blues, Whites and Blacks, and because of the lovely photo's she makes of all her cats. 
Di Stokes, another lovely Aussie Russian Blue breeder, recommended me to Lynda. I contacted Lynda in an almost desparate way, because I was in urgent need of new and healthy bloodlines.
Besides that, I had really taken an interest in the Russian Black and would like to promote the Russian Black over in the Netherlands. No better way than to get to the source of the Russian Black and that is down under.
So I asked Lynda if it was possible for me to buy a Russian Black male kitten from her. As she has never sold any kitten for breeding, she needed some time to think about is and confer with her husband, Michael Auld. She really understood my plight concerning the patella luxation occuring in the Russian Blues and therefore the need to widen the genepool.


At the start of 2017 we started to have more serious contact and just before summer, Lynda asked me if I wouldn't rather buy Babushkablue Batman from her, instead of a kitten. I was overjoyed with this offer!
A very handsome Russian Black with a beautiful short and supershiny coat, nice temperament and above all: no extreme features! Something we see too often in the Russian. Russians with rats faces, without whiskerpads and/or chin and too small ears, or large ears stuck to the side of the head. Or the opposite: Russians with enormous snouts that almost make out 1/3 of the face and with rabbit ears!

And so I sat on cloud 9 for a bit and on Friday October 20th 2017 Batman arrived from Brisbane, Australia at the cold and wet Schiphol Airport and after another hours drive in my cattery. In the cold and wet Netherlands, but to a warm and very welcoming home!
I expect to breed beautiful and healthy Russian Blues and Blacks from Batman and my queens!

Batman is under contract and is NOT available for public matings!
Batmans' offspring is NOT SOLD FOR BREEDING and may move to their forever homes spayed and neutered.

Cattery Mithrim