Mithrim Danuin (Dani)

Photo: Marian Draat

Mithrim Danuin was born on July 10th, 2015 out of Kashyk Palyakov Tovarich (Rusty) and GIC Lyusya Yelena Dunoe (Loesje). Dani is a very self-assured queen and full of character. She is a large female and has a sturdy build. She's the child of the 'alpha' queen and gets away with a lot of mischievous behaviour.
She has a nice short and broad muzzle and a short wedge with a good convex. Her ears are placed nicely and she has a nice short and full coat, however a tad dark. Her eyecolour is of an intense green. I hope to breed a litter from her this year (2017).  
Obviously, Danuin has been tested negative for HCM/PKD-CIN and FiV/FeLV. 


Kashyk Palyakov Tovarich (Rusty)


GIC Lyusya Yelena Dunoe

Mithrim Celebrindal

Photo: Marian Draat

Mithrim Celebrindal (nickname: Baby) was born on August 14th, 2014 out of Sashova Bolshoi Almaz and CH Mithrim Beruthiel Boginja. In the C litter old English bloodlines are combined and with great result!
In the meantime, Bolshoi has been neutered. 
Celebrindal was tested negative for PRA, HCM, PKD-CIN and Fiv/FeLV.


Sashova Bolshoi Almaz


CH Mithrim Beruthiel Boginja

Celebrindal a is a self assured, happy go lucky kitten who likes to wash hands and sleep on my lap. She loves to play with all the other members of the group and sometimes behaves quite mischievous. As soon as she is old enough, she will be having kittens of her own, after being tested. Every once in a while, she will visit a cat show.  

CH Mithrim Beruthiel Boginja

Photograph: Marian Draat   

CH Mithrim Beruthiel Boginja (nickname: Beruthy) was born on April 20, 2013 out of GIC Lyusya Yelena Dunoe. Her father is EC Troika Sivi Tovaritsj. Beruthiel was one of the kittens of Sivi's very last litter. After this litter was born, he was neutered. 
Beruthiel has been tested negative for HCM/PKD-CIN and FiV/FeLV.


EC Troika Sivi Tovaritsj


GIC Lyusya Yelena Dunoe

Beruthiel has made her first steps at catshows with all in all a good result. She has already received her first merit (CAC) for the Championships title at an age of 10 months and 4 days old. She has received the last needed merit just recently. But as Beruthiel doesn't like all the fuss that comes with cat shows, I have decided I will not enter her any more. I believe it's far more important she has a happy and stressless life.
Beruthiel is a talkative girl who likes her food and playing with a laserlight and rods with feathers. Everything with feathers is a favourite toy. She likes to be entertained by her personnel (aka myself).

Beruthiel is not much bigger than mum Lyusya (yet), but she has overall a sturdier frame. Her coat is short and very plush. The hair implant is tight and the structure is firm. The tipping is nice. 

Beruthiel has been tested negative for HCM/PKD/CIN and PRA as well as for FIV/FELV.

Cattery Mithrim