Mithrim Danuin (Dani)

Photo: Marian Draat

Mithrim Danuin was born on July 10th, 2015 out of Kashyk Palyakov Tovarich (Rusty) and GIC Lyusya Yelena Dunoe (Loesje). Dani is a very self-assured queen and full of character. She is a large female and has a sturdy build. She's the child of the 'alpha' queen and gets away with a lot of mischievous behaviour.
She has a nice short and broad muzzle and a short wedge with a good convex. Her ears are placed nicely and she has a nice short and full coat, however a tad dark. Her eyecolour is of an intense green. I hope to breed a litter from her this year (2017).  
Obviously, Danuin has been tested negative for HCM/PKD-CIN and FiV/FeLV. 


Kashyk Palyakov Tovarich (Rusty)


GIC Lyusya Yelena Dunoe


Cattery Mithrim