Added the rehomed cats to the neuters page. The rehomed cats also deserve to be mentioned.

Lots has happened in my personal life this year. I had to quit my first hobby, horses and riding, due to the fact my pelvis had fused completely, and so had some vertebrae. My dear mare Bridie I have had to sell at the beginning of this year. Consequently, I have seen the health of my brother, who had sever diabetes and heartdisease, decline rapidly and I have lost him at the beginning of July. I miss him dearly, just like me he shared the love for cats.

I haven't entered nor visited any cat shows in 2017. I had made that decision in 2016 already. I wanted to give all my attention to breeding this year and not being busy with shows and all the fuss coming with that. This has worked pretty good, I must say.
After a year of no litters (luckily, I must say in hindsight), 2 litters this year. First a litter by Beruthiel and Bahim. A total outcross to a European bred stud. An experiment which turned out reasonably well. The outcome was in any case 5 healthy kittens that made 3 families very happy. The second litter were 3 kittens by Lyusya and Rusty. The final litter of Lyusya. The delivery was too difficult and nearly ended in a C-section. The 3 kittens survived, but had to be stimulated hard. All the more reason to let Lyusya enjoy her pension after being spayed. She enjoys her hormoneless life to the fullest! The 3 males from her final litter have found new personnel. I can say, that these kittens too, like the other 5, have found their golden beds!

And finally, in October, after a preparationtime of almost 3 quarters of a year, the arrival of a very handsome Russian Black stud, Babushkablue Batman! 
Bred by Lynda DuVallier and Michael Auld from Brisbane, Australia!
I am very grateful to them, for trusting me to take over the care of Batman and to give a new impulse to the breeding of the Russian Black over in the Netherlands and bringing new bloodlines in the Russian Blues, which is necessary.
Lynda and Michael, again thank you!!

This year was for the RB's and myself to get used to the new house and new routine. From 6 floors up in a 4 bedroom flat to a spacious 5 bedroom house with large garden and shed. Wonderful!
Two queens had been visiting studs in 2016 and both became phantom pregnant. In hindsight fate was good to me. No kittens in 2016, but because of that neither kittens with potential knee problems. (More about that on the Stud page). 

November 9th, 2015: 
The cattery has moved house!
My wish to ever own a house with garden has finally been realized! I have bought a 5 room house with a large garden so I can offer my cats lots more space to move around in. In the meantime, between buying the house and moving, Lyusya has raised her third litter with succes. The two males have moved house together to a very loving home. 
Now is the time for the cats to get used to the house and the feel of it and get used to movement at ground level. It's totally different compared to an apartment at the 6th floor. I am still busy working in the house, the upstairs catroom is almost finished. The attick is open so I have decided to place some cat furniture there as well. Next year the garden will be my next project as I would like to place a pen in there so the cats can go outside safely. 

April 25th, 2015:
Lots has happened during the last period.
Not only concerning the cat shows, but overall in the cattery.
In the meantime, Beruthiel has won her Championshipstitle and is now finished showing. She didn't like it very much so the choice for not letting her undergo further stress was quickly made.
Her C litter, but one (Celebrindal), have moved house and are living the good life with their new owners.
Lyusya has won a couple more merits, so now she has her GIC title. She's always taking things in her stride, wonderful girl!
Quanta and Lyusya are being tested for FIV/FelV and HCM and are both negative. Quanta has furthermore been tested for PKD, long hair gene and Point gene through DNA tests and luckily, all three tests came back negative. This means that nothing stands in the way for both Lyusya and Quanta to visit their respective 'husbands' in the near future.

April 13th 2014:
During the show at March 30, 2014 Lyusya received her final merit for the CACIB and is International champion now. On April 6th she received her first merit for CAGCI (i.e. Great international champion) as well as the BIV.
Beruthiel received an Ex on March 30th and her second merit on April 6th for CAC. Another merit and she will be Champion.

Since April 12 Cattery Mithrim owns a new future queen. Quanta of Happy Song, bred by Marija Valtere from Latvia, appealed to me. Teresa Bryant was ever so kind to take Quanta from Riga to Amsterdam for me.  
Quanta's coat is ever so soft, short and with a good structure. She has a good chin, a lovely eye-shape and nice upright ears. Her eye colour is already a nice shade of green, but as she is under 5 months old, the colour shall get stronger. Her tail has some ghostmarking but that will disappear over time.
At this moment, Quanta is kept separated from my other cats. I want to introduce her into the group in  a gentle manner. 

February 23, 2014:
Lyusya received a merit (CACIB) during the show in Leiderdorp. She also won Best in Variety, Best in Show and was nominated for Best of Best. That title was reserved for a shorthair male.
Beruthiel received during the same show her very first merit in the adult class (CAC).
Check out the Queens-page, Beruthiel is now official added, being a future queen.

December 9, 2013
Last weekend, the two future Mithrim breeding kittens, did well at the cat show.
Mithrim Bogdan Tovaritsj, since September owned by Clare Bandy (Troika Cattery) in England, has won al the titles he could win in his classes on Saturday December 7th. In total he won 4 titles and made Clare, as well as me, extremely happy and proud!
Mithrim Beruthiel Boginja won an Ex. 1 again. This time in Delft. She also won a Best in Show title! How proud I am of my 'little' girl!Mother Lyusya Yelena Dunoe has won her second merit for the International championships title. At the beginning of October she won her third merit for her National championships title and so she is Ch. Lyusya now. Another two merits and she will be International champion. Lyusya was nominated for BIS yesterday, however a beautiful Bengal female got the title. Still, I am proud of Lyusya nonetheless!

October 9, 2013
Soon the showseason starts for Cattery Mithrim. Next Sunday Lyusya and her daughter Beruthiel will enter their first show of this season.
Mithrim Bogdan Tovaritsj has moved in the meantime to the Troika Cattery in the UK where he undoubtedly will become a wearthy successor of his dad EC Troika Sivi Tovaritsj. Clare Bandy, his new owner, has already let me know to be very happy with Bogdan. I wish Clare good luck with Bogdan!
Mithrim Bregolas Belegur will move soon to his new owner Antoinette as well. He will be living with her and a new younger brother. I wish Antoinette, Bregolas and Moritz much happiness together!

At the end of September 2013 my colleague Monica Stuurop made another beautiful photoshoot of my Russian blues. Obviously, she has made pictures of the kittens too. Below 3 pictures of the kittens:


Mithrim Bregolas Belegur


Mithrim Bogdan Tovaritsj


Mithrim Beruthiel Boginja


June, 22, 2013:
Since February 17, some things have changed in Cattery Mithrim.

Almiel has been adopted by al loving family in Franeker and now lives with a 3 year old neuter named Luuk. They both are getting along fine. Sivi's owner Esther found is to sorry for me that I had to part with Almiel that she offered me, before Sivi was to be neutered, to bring Lyusya by for a romantic encounter with Sivi again. During 13-19 February Lyusya has indeed visited Sivi again. After three weeks it seemed Lyusya was pregnant, but as it was just her second period after her A-litter I had my doubts.

However, April 20th Lyusya has delivered her second litter. Her pregnancy and the birth were flawless and three healthy and large kittens were born. Two males and one female this time.
The entire litter is spoken for. One male will move to Amsterdam in October to grow up with another Russian Blue kitten. The other male will be exported to the UK to become a studcat. And the female (again) will stay at Mithrims'.
On the photopage of the B-litter there are more photo's of this current litter.

February 17, 2013:

On February 10, 2013 Lyusya won her second point (CAC) for the Champions title at the  NPV show in Woerden. Another point to go and then she may call herself Champion Lyusya.

Daughter Almiel was supposed to compete as well, but she had to have emergency surgery on February 2nd, because of pyometra. It was difficult for the vets to figure out what was happening to Almiel as they least expected that a kitten of 6 months old and just having her first cycle would suffer from pyometra. The senior vet who performed the surgery garanteed that this only occurs once every 5 years in his practice and considering the amount of castrations they perform every week on healthy female kittens this is nothing more dan bad luck and nothing else. For my cattery this means a considerable blow as Lyusya and her daughter Almiel would be the 'foundation' of my cattery. And now I have to re-home Almiel.

Lyusya during the show in Woerden.   


December 9, 2012:
Today Lyusya won her first point (CAC) for the championstitle. Another 2 points and then she will be champion. Besides the CAC , she also won a Best in Variety and a Best in Show. Three ribbons and one cup she took home.
Daughter Almiel already follows her mothers footsteps. For a kitten of 4,5 months old praise from the jury, an Ex. 1 and also a Best in Show, and yet another ribbon and cup.
Beautiful results from my girls, I'm proud of them!

November 25, 2012
Caipi has moved on November 10th to his new owners. Within the hour he had scouted the livingroom and had played with the two daughters of Celine and Julien. He settled in quite easily. I left him with a good feeling in Amsterdam.
The same evening I've received a mail with the photograph's below of a happy and content Caipi on the sofa and in Celine's arm!


October 16, 2012
The kittens are thriving. On the 10th of November Mithrim Annael Caipi moves to his new home.
Next December and January Lyusya and her daughter Mithrim Almiel Alina will attend some shows. I'm curious to see how the girls will be judged.

July, 23rd 2012
Lyusya has given birth to two healthy kittens, a boy and a girl. 


July, 14th 2012

This picture is from last week. Lyusya is slowly getting bigger and bigger. From today it's about a week untill the litter is due. Lyusya seems happy and she still eats a lot. 

June 22nd 2012
Since last week I've placed a so-called maternity unit in my livingroom so that the cats can get used to it long before Lyusya is destined to give birth. All cats seem to find it allright and when Lysusya occupies the cage the two boys won't go near it. Lyusya likes the cage but not the pillow-cases which I've placed in the cardboardbox. They aren't soft enough!

June 13th 2012

A new photo-album added to the website.
Lyusya is doing pretty well. Now and again she is a little sick, but eats and drinks well so far.
Slowly, she gets a bit bigger. 

June 3, 2012
Lyusya is already more than a week back at home from her visit to Sivi, and yes, I believe she's pregnant. She eats a lot more, drinks a lot more than usual, sleeps a lot as well. Doesn't want to play with the boys, has chosen another favourite spot to sleep. And also want to sleep on my lap as often as she can. All in all, a drastic change in her behaviour. 

18th May 2012 - 26th May 2012 
Lyusya visits Eur.Ch. Troika Sivi Tovaritsj of Cattery Mothers' Finest hoping for a soon to be born first litter at Cattery Mithrim.


Cattery Mithrim