Plans about a cattery started with my two neuters. They are brothers from the same litter. Sire is Keehotay Gurindji Matong (import Australia) and dam is Aline Siva Katyusha Dunoe.

Both brothers have a very sweet en sociable character. Both weigh about six kilo's. Kirill is somewhat smaller, has a sharper face and straighter ears. Grigory is a large cat, but he is very sensitive. As to hunting, Kirill does it preferably lying down, as Grigory likes to jump at least one meter up in the air to catch the pray.

Both cats are lapcats (as is Lyusya from time to time) but my lap is really too small for two big cats at the same time although they think otherwise.

In their behaviour they are like dogs. That is the influence of my late dog. If there are strange noises outside my appartment, then both boys walk into the kitchen or hall to check. When someone rings the doorbell, both of the brothers also walk into the hallway. After dinner, which they eat in the kitchen, I can send them back into the livingroom by giving them a command. That is mostly sufficient to see two catbehinds with two raised tails walk out of the kitchen and into the livingroom. Amazing animals!

Grigory Rasputin Dunoe

This big boy weighs over six kilo's. Grigory has a beautiful expressive head with round cheeks. He has a sensitive character. He likes to hunt after his toys. Jumps about a meter high from sitting of standing position are no problem for him. He also likes to cuddle on my lap. Grigory has a very soft voice. Of the two brothers he is the one who is seldom heard.

Kirill Kondrashin Dunoe

Kirill weighs six kilo's and has a sharper head and straighter ears than his brother Grigory. His coat is somewhat darker and softer than Grigorys'. Kirill is a fierce hunter, but after ten minutes or so of chasing the toy, he likes to continue playing laying down on the floor. Kirill's voice is loud and he likes to let me know, early in the morning and in the evening, that it's feedingtime. Kirill also likes to lay on my lap, but doesn't always want to be cuddled. He has his moments. One of Kirill's trademarks is his swishing tail. Not as a sign of being angry of uncomfortable, but as a sign of wanting to be stroked on his head.


GIC Lyusya Yelena Dunoe 

Lyusya was spayed on September 11th, 2017.
She is seven years old now and she has given me 4 (small) but wonderful litters. The last litter was a difficult delivery and her 3 boys survived, but had a struggle. So now the time for enjoying pension has come and Lyusya may be able to babysit future litters. Her showcareer had ended already, she didn't appreciate the hassle any longer. I am glad I started my cattery with her. From being a rather timid girl she grew up to be the boss of the group. Hopefully, her daughters Beruthiel and Danuin and her granddaughter Celebrindal will follow in her footsteps!


On this page I want to pay attention on the Russians I needed to rehome.
They have also played a part in my life and the life in the group.

Mithrim Almiel Alina
First there is Mithrim Almiel Alina. The female kitten from my very first litter out of Sivi and Lyusya and she was going to stay, to build the fundation of my cattery, together with her mum.
She was born on the 23rd of July, 2012, and was one of just 2 kittens in the litter. About 9 months later she developed a pyometra and had to be spayed. 
It was devastating for me, not just because she got a pyo, but at such a young age. Because of the fact that I'd just started the cattery and another breeder asked me if I had a cat to rehome, I've made the difficult choice to indeed rehome Almiel. The people who were looking for a Russian Blue, had just had to put down there RB female and their RB male was suffering. For everyone the optimal solution, but nevertheless a hard and sad choice to make.
But: the last 4 years I've received messages about how well Almiel has adjusted and how nicely her brother and her are getting along and how well she fits in the household and that makes it all worth while.

Mithrim Celeborn
Celeborn was spring 2017. The story behind Celeborn you can read on the 'Patella luxation' page.
Owning a cattery means having to make choices. This was also the case with Celeborn.
I couldn't use him as a stud, as I own a familygroup and Celeborn came from this group. After being intensively used at another cattery, who eventually had other plans, I bought Celeborn back and rehabilitated hem as well. When I started to reintroduce him to the group, something that at first seemed to be succesful, I started to receive requests for kittens. 
Celeborn expressed a clear need of coming into contact with the groupmembers, but that feeling wasn't returned by everyone in the group. I suggested to a lovely couple if they wanted to give Celeborn a home together with one of the kittens. Great was my joy when they told me, they would certainly give Celeborn a loving new home, together with a younger brother.
They took Celeborn with them and a couple of months later, when Celeborn was completely settled in, I took Feanor over there. Within a week both men were used to eachother and the bestest of friends ever since!

Quanta of Happy Song
Quanta came over to the Netherlands in 2013 from Latvia, aim was to expand my cattery with some new bloodlines. From day 1 she was a very happy ad sociable female, healthy and always playful.
Alas, a couple of years later, when my breedingplans for her became more definite, I received information that within certain Happy Song lines, there was cataracts at a young age. I received proof in writing from a breeder in Sweden, who had bought a couple of breeding cats with the same lines as Quanta's. Because this problem is more known in Scandinavia, breeders are required to have there breeding cats tested and both the animals already showed signs of cataracts.
I had Quanta tested by the MCD in Amsterdam, and luckily, she didn't have any of the signs, but considering the fact she shared the same lines, according to the specialist she most certainly was carrier of the disease. I immediately stopped thinking of using Quanta in my breeding programme and she was spayed.
Everything went well, things went there way, until I moved house to Zoetermeer. I noticed that Quanta was separating from the group and when kittens were present, she obviously didn't feel free and her jolly self. She distanced herself from the other group members and retreated to a specific corner of the living room. I never knew her like this and I didn't want her to live her life like this. With all the trics I've learnt from the cat behaviourist, I couldn't get things right and just when I was contemplating what else to do, I received a request for a cat that might be rehomed.
After a couple of conversations, I have brought Quanta to Vlaardingen, where she now lives with a lovely neutered male (to be placed alone was not for Quanta), two sweet children and their mum.


Cattery Mithrim